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$450.00 for a basic website of 5 pages. 

Additional fees for additional pages.

A 5 page website usually takes about 4 days from start to finish including my ‘thank you’ email to you at the end.   

Your site will be polished, optimized, and stunning.  See some of my examples here

Most designers don’t do any measurable SEO, but I do. When I am done with your site, it will be fully optimized.

If your site is about fine jewelry, interior design, or siamese cats, I can assist you with a lot of your text.  If your business is anything else however, you will have to supply me with the majority of text.  I will help you with slogans, headings, and filling in with terms and phrases that will create a sophisticated and impressive display for all who view your site. My 20 years in marketing comes in handy here.   


Many people think the term ‘mobile friendly’ just means that it will look good on a cell phone but that is not the case.  If your site is not ‘mobile friendly’, it will not show in ‘search results’! 

No worries though, your website will be mobile friendly. 

Yes!  Videos are a great tool to communicate to your potential clients, but be careful because they can affect the load time. The 2 little videos on my home page do not affect my load time with any significance so ask me about your videos and we can test them for weight.  

Within an hour of going ‘live’ I will submit each and every page of your site to Google for indexing. 

Typically Google crawls the pages within a few seconds but sometimes it can take a few hours, and once in a while a random page or two can take a few days. No worries though, I always follow up to make sure all pages are showing on Google without any problems.  This additionally confirms the pages are mobile friendly too. 

Sure.  Just ask and I will create a partial homepage for you.

Yes. After working on your site for about 48 hours I will show you the progress.  If for any reason you don’t like it or have just changed your mind, I will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked. I don’t want anyone to be unhappy, so we will part friends and you will have no loss.  The loss will all be on my end in the form of my time. 

I will explain all about ongoing SEO and what has worked to get my clients on the first page of Google for all their key words.   

In most cases this is a one-person job.

If you have a specific design in mind just let me know at the beginning and I’ll let you know if it’s do-able. If you see a site you like, I can typically duplicate it with 95% accuracy.  

As a matter of fact I do.  Just inquire and I will show you many examples of her work. She is great for original content for the best possible SEO.  


I will tell you all about my experience with Google “Ad Words”. My clients have a lot of success with Google’s “Smart” campaigns.  Inexpensive and you set your own budget starting at as little as $2.00 a day.

Yes.  I will create a blog page for you at no cost and even do your first blog for free. It will be in addition to the 5 basic pages. 


10% off

All canopies and umbrellas

Through May 2020